10 Photographic Assignments to Hone Your Skills

Here’s a few suggestions based on DSP website, I will try each of them and I will post the result …

  1. The one focal length/lens weekend – either choose a single prime lens or a focal length at one end of a zoom and only shoot at that focal length for a whole weekend (choose one you don’t naturally shoot in a lot). This teaches you a lot about that focal length and makes you think about your composition of your shots.
  2. The one aperture weekend – this can be hard if you shoot a wide range of subjects like I do but choose an aperture and try to stick to it for a period of time. To do this you’ll find it easier if you shoot in Aperture Priority mode – you’ll also probably find it best to choose either to shoot at one end of the aperture spectrum. This will teach you a lot about depth of field and get you thinking also about how to balance shutter speeds and ISO to get well exposed images.
  3. The one shutter speed weekend – similarly to the aperture challenge this can be challenging but spending some time either looking to capture subjects with long or very fast shutter speeds will teach you a lot. To do this shoot in Shutter Priority Mode.
  4. Manual Exposure Mode Weekend – if you don’t venture into fully manual shooting that much set yourself a challenge to shoot in manual mode for a weekend. This is perhaps the best way possible to teach yourself about exposure!
  5. Manual Focusing Weekend – similarly if you rely upon your camera to always focus for you in Auto focus – switch to a weekend of just shooting with manual focus. This will break you out of your laziness and help you to really think about focal points.
  6. Switch cameras – got an older camera in your cupboard that you’ve been neglecting? Perhaps its an old film camera or an old digital camera without all the bells and whistles of your current one? Take it for a spin – sometimes older cameras require you to think more about settings and not rely upon the features of your modern camera. Shooting with film cameras also makes you slow down and get the shot right the first time.
  7. Compositional Rules – pick a ‘rule’ like the Rule of Thirds and try to adhere to it in every shot you take over a weekend. Alternatively choose to break the rule as much as possible but still end up with ascetically pleasing shots.
  8. Explore a Technique – spend a weekend really honing your skills in a particular shooting technique. For example you might like to spend time working on using Fill Flash in your shots – or Slow Sync Flash – orZoom Blur – or Panning etc
  9. Lighting Technique – similarly set yourself the challenge to practice your skills with a particular lighting. It might be Natural lightwindow shots, one light portrait setups, silhouettesclassic lighting etc
  10. Recreate someone else’s work – one last one that I am borrowing from a friend. My friend chooses an image each week from a photographer that he admires and he sets out to recreate it. While he never passes the shots he takes off as his ideas he finds it useful to analyse the work of others and to then try to recreate those shots – in doing so he finds he learns a lot.

The Sandpit by Sam O’Hare – Electronica Award of Distinction 2010


A day in the life of New York City, in miniature.

Winner: Prix Ars Electronica Award of Distinction 2010
Nominee: Webby Awards 2011 – Best Viral, Best Music
Official Selection: AFI Fest 2010
Official Selection: Tiburon Film Festival 2011

Original Music: composed by Human (, co-written by Rosi Golan and Alex Wong.


Inspiration : The Glasses

The theme of this week will be “The Glasses”, I’m wearing the glasses since my 13 years old. There is lot of different ways to make picture of The Glasses, with people , humoristic ways or play with reflexion.

Asel – done by Maks Mask

Steampunkin’ – done by Rebekah W

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Verena picture...

Touch of Color

This week , I’ve started new category on my blog, the “Inspiration”, I will try to gather the most beautifull pictures I will found on 500px and Flickr. I will try to remake by myself some of them or get inspired me by them.

The theme of this week “Touch of color”, I like to mix B&W picture with a little touch of color. Of course we need to make a post-processing but not always, some times as you can see the first 2 pictures, the reality will do it for you. In Adobe Photoshop you just have to use the mask layer and reveal the part you want or the other way it’s to set the picture in B&W and colorise the part you want to have in color. Usually I increase the vibrance to get more deep color.

A touch of human – done by Janey Kay’s
~ a touch of human ~

Black and White – done by Tuna Önder

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