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1 Month on Instagram – 72 Pics – 63 Followers – 755 Likes

After 1 month of my first post in the Instagram, this is my feedback. First of it some stats about Instagram : 30 million+ registered users, 1 billion+ photos uploaded, 5 million+ photos per day, 575 likes per second, 81 comments per second (source

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Touch of Color

This week , I’ve started new category on my blog, the “Inspiration”, I will try to gather the most beautifull pictures I will found on 500px and Flickr. I will try to remake by myself some of them or get inspired me by them.

The theme of this week “Touch of color”, I like to mix B&W picture with a little touch of color. Of course we need to make a post-processing but not always, some times as you can see the first 2 pictures, the reality will do it for you. In Adobe Photoshop you just have to use the mask layer and reveal the part you want or the other way it’s to set the picture in B&W and colorise the part you want to have in color. Usually I increase the vibrance to get more deep color.

A touch of human – done by Janey Kay’s
~ a touch of human ~

Black and White – done by Tuna Önder

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