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We are the team of

Photo Effect Magazine

We do not take a photo, we make it.

We are a group of passionate creators motivated by every aspect of Art. We like to spend hours searching for new and seasoned talent and we seek to understand the creative processes behind every work of art. The uniqueness of every person and every piece is what defines the beauty of it all. To create art is to be free and to make others see..

Founder and Owner : ēMBē aka Michael @photo.effect.embe
Director artistic : ēMBē aka Michael @photo.effect.embe
Lead Editor : Noam EB .
International Relation : Sabine E.
Contributor : all the photographers / creatives and models we featured in our magazine

Our Skills

Fine Art
Fine Art

Why to choose us for publication ?

We are photographer

We have over 20 years of experience.

Professional skills

Our years of experience testify to our professional skills.

Perfect Equipment

The tools of our craft are nothing short of the best.

ultra hd

We emphasize the quality of our work as it’s the key to highlighting the beauty of Art.

unic vision

Our vision is to underline the importance of creativity and composition in all forms of art.

focusing knowledges

We cultivate knowledge through our experiences and share it with everyone.

Latest News

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December 10, 2021

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Creation of our logo
December 25, 2021

We are still working hard to match our deadline, today we have finalized our logo for Photo Effect Magazine, after lot of brainstorming and tried .. we come this result ... First ...

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