Vanessa (aka: is a talented and versatile photographer who has been exploring the world of photography for many years. In this interview, we learn about Vanessa’s journey as a self-taught photographer, their inspirations, the gear they use, and their dream projects. Through Vannessa’s words, we gain a deeper appreciation for the passion and creativity that goes into capturing stunning images.

PEM : Please tell us a bit about yourself ?
Vanessa : Hello, my name is Vanessa and I am 31 years old. Germany is my home country. I am a mom to an 2 year old son. I did an apprenticeship as a nurse and opened my own small photo studio after my apprenticeship. Here I worked for 5 years until 2021 as a freelance artist in the field of photography.

PEM :When did you first know that you wanted to be a photographer?
Vanessa : 2010 was a very difficult year for me. I had a mental breakdown and was very unhappy. I had to do therapy. During this time I got to know myself. Somehow I wanted to express my thoughts and emotions through pictures and share them with people. This then developed into a passion for portrait photography and I photographed many models and sometimes even posed in front of the camera for other photographers. In 2020 I got to know my personal dark side of this scene and decided to create my own self-portraits. And I’m totally absorbed in this.
PEM : If you could go back ten years, what advice would you give yourself?
Vanessa : That’s a good question. I think I would reconsider my photography concept. I would only focus on one thing and not photograph EVERYTHING. Nevertheless, I am grateful for every single experience I was allowed to have.

PEM : What do you do when you are not shooting?
Vanessa : When I’m not taking photos or being creative, I’m spending time with my family. At the moment I’m on maternity leave and I’m enjoying it to the full. As soon as my child goes to kindergarten, I will go back to work.
PEM : If you have to turn to another job, what will it be?
Vanessa : Unfortunately, I would love to stay in an artistic profession. I don’t see myself in another job. My absolute dream job is a make-up artist. I’ve dreamed of this career since I was 11 years old. Unfortunately, this training is very expensive in Germany, so I never had the chance to realize my dream. Otherwise, I enjoy working with people with dementia. During my training as a nurse, I had special training in this field and find working with people’s psyches very exciting.
PEM : Who or what inspires you in your personal life and work?
Vanessa : I get a lot of inspiration from movies. The movie “The Lord of the Rings” inspired me to make fantasy pictures. Otherwise, there are some artists on social media that I admire over and over again. These include, for example, Flora Borsie, Kristian Schuller and Claire Luxton.

PEM : Who were the first artists that you found inspiring?
Vanessa : That’s not easy to say. Related to my path as a self-portrait artist, there were a few whose names I unfortunately do not know directly. Anyway, Marina Williams and Sorelle Amore are 2 self-portrait artists that I’ve been following and admiring for a very long time.
PEM : What first attracted you to photography?
Vanessa : Photos can say so much. They can arouse emotions. Everyone interprets photos differently. You can play with lights and shadows. Create images with movement. Image processing can influence the mood with movement. Image processing can influence the mood of the work. You keep memories. Decorate the room by hanging the pictures. There are so many reasons why photography appealed to me. At the very beginning, photography was for me an expression of feelings to visualize. Today I want to create art and capture art.
PEM : How do you keep yourself motivated and your photography fresh?
Vanessa : I look at a lot of photos on social media and try to try more and more new things. I always try to educate myself. to learn something new I would also like to inspire other people to take self-portraits.
PEM : What’s in your camera bag?
Vanessa : In my camera bag I have my camera and 3 favorite lenses. My 50mm lens is one of my favorite pieces. I’ve been using my 40mm macro lens for my studio photos lately. I always have a couple of memory cards with me, a wireless trigger and an adapter for my flash.
PEM : What is your dream gear to get?
Vanessa : I would love to have a full frame camera. At the moment I’m still taking pictures with a medium format camera. A dream would come true if I could afford such a camera. Where do you find all your props for all your creative photography? I buy my props on the Internet from various online retailers. I get the rest for my creative work in craft or craft shops. But the Internet offers more choice, so the purchase is mostly made online.
PEM : Which talent would you most like to have in photography?
Vanessa : I would like to be a little more confident in image editing. I find photo montages super exciting. Unfortunately, I haven’t learned the right methods yet

PEM : What is your greatest extravagance in photography?
Vanessa : I’m an all-rounder in my field. I have the idea, I’m the model, I’m the make-up artist, I make my costume myself, I plan my set, I build the set, I set the light, I take the photo, I edit the photo. My paintings cover a wide spectrum of pictorial styles. I take dark pictures or friendly pictures. my pictures are sometimes surreal, sometimes real. Sometimes the photo editing is the eye-catcher, sometimes the costume. Actually, it never gets boring.
PEM : What do you consider your most outstanding achievement in photography?
Vanessa : Doing everything alone is not easy and requires knowledge in many different areas. Linking and coordinating all of this is often difficult. after such a day i am often very exhausted and tired. What is your greatest regret in photography? I have met many dishonest and disrespectful people. I’ve often been taken advantage of. These are events that I associate negatively with this business. What is your motto? Live and let live ( german: Leben und leben lassen )

PEM : What is your greatest regret in photography?
Vanessa : I have met many dishonest and disrespectful people. I’ve often been taken advantage of. These are events that I associate negatively with this business. What is your motto? Live and let live ( german: Leben und leben lassen )
PEM : Can you share any long-term vision or dream project you hope to bring to life?
Vanessa : I would very much like to delve more into the world of Middle-earth. I would like to try my hand at fine art photography. I want to design many artistic costumes and make masks. My works should continue to be very creative and extravagant. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Vanessa. Your passion and creativity in self-portrait photography is truly inspiring. From your early inspirations to your dream projects, it is clear that you have a unique vision and an incredible talent for capturing art through your lens.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about Vanessa and her passion for photography. We encourage you to follow her work and see her latest creations, which are sure to capture your imagination.

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