Melany Soria Marin, a talented photographer known for her captivating use of color in her works. We are grateful for Melany taking the time to share her insights and experiences with us. In this interview, we dive into the inspiration behind Melany’s stunning photography and her unique approach to capturing emotions and messages through her lens. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired as we continue our conversation with Melany Soria Marin.

PEM : Please tell us a bit about yourself?
Melany : Greeting! My name is Melany Soria Marin. I currently reside in Cochabamba, Bolivia. I am 22 years old. The first time I used a camera was at 19 years old during an internship while I was studying audiovisual production I went to the same school all my life, which was religious and where the artistic side was not developed.Leaving school, encouraged by my brother, I decided to study audiovisual production and at that time I had no idea about anything and I had never taken a camera in my hands. It was a beautiful process to study and learn about photography and film. During this stage I learned a lot of theory that I later applied when I got my first camera. At the same time, I was studying languages, French and English. Currently, I am studying advertising and Marketing and I am very happy because I finished my audiovisual production career and I am complementing marketing with my work.
PEM : Is photography your main job?
Melany : No, besides photography, I also dedicate myself to the audiovisual industry by creating various types of videos such as wedding videos, advertisements, music videos, among others. At the same time, I am involved in fashion, wedding, family, and product photography.
PEM : What is your income from photography?
Melany : The income I generate from my work varies depending on the amount of work I have, that is to say, there are months where there is work almost every day and other months are a bit more relaxed, but I can say that I am doing very well and I am very happy to be able to work in what I love and generate money from it.
PEM : What is your motto?
Melany : My motto is: ‘Photograph things as you feel them.’ This refers to being able to take the photos that one wants to show as an artist according to their perception of the world and their art.
PEM : What talent would you like to have more of?
Melany : I would like to be able to create montages and illustrations to incorporate into some of my photographs.
What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Melany : I consider my greatest achievement to be that now people can recognize a photo that I took just by looking at it. This is something that photographers always strive for, ever since we started in photography, it is to be able to differentiate our work, whether it be by style, colors, editing, and lighting techniques. I no longer need to watermark each photo I take because I have been able to achieve recognition for my work through my unique style.
PEM : What is your favorite location for a photo shooting?
Melany :My favorite location to take photos is definitely the great outdoors. I’m always seeking new backdrops, new colors, and new ideas. When I’m out and about, I spend a lot of time observing my surroundings. Sometimes, I just see a place and I can already imagine the photo I could take there. The image stays in my mind and all I have to do is capture it with my camera, lighting, and colors. I also enjoy taking photos in a studio or indoor setting, but I have a deep love for the combination of natural light and artificial light that I can create outdoors. Also my creative inspiration comes from everywhere, from movies, music, visual references, I always try to find inspiration. Similarly, the work of other photographers has inspired me from the beginning to get my style, including Geoleon, Chris Hernández, Rafael Ferreira, Niah Rose, Abel Lares. I’ve had the opportunity to take courses they’ve taught and I was able to learn a lot.
PEM : What type of camera and equipment do you use for your photo shoots?
Melany : I currently work with a Sony Alpha 7iii and my favorite lenses are the 35mm and the 24-70mm from Sigma. I also work with Godox flashes for lighting.

PEM : What advice would you give to someone who wants to start in photography?
Melany : One advice that I can give to someone who is just starting in photography is to experiment a lot and most of all practice. There are many types of photography and I believe it is necessary to do them all to really know what style you want to do and specialize in.
PEM : What is your current experience and perspective on your career?
Melany : I think right now, I am experiencing the best moment of my career, I never run out of work, in fact, sometimes I wish I could multiply myself to be able to work more. I am also happy that my work is already known and recommended by people. I also do not have much time because I spend most of it working and studying. I like to keep my mind occupied doing what I love!

PEM : What is your creative process when planning and executing a photo shoot?
Melany : My creative process consists of three stages: the first stage is pre-production, during this stage I plan absolutely everything that will be needed and required to achieve the photo that I have in mind. The location, the model, the clothes, the color, the makeup, extra elements, everything is important during this stage in order to move on to the next stage, which is production. During this stage, the photo shoot takes place, thanks to the aspects previously planned in pre-production. Finally, the post-production stage is also very important as in this stage I can achieve my style in terms of colors and editing, giving my photographs the final touch.
PEM : Why do you like using the color red in your photographs? Do you think that the color red has a special meaning in your photographs? How do you use it to convey a message or emotion to your followers?
Melany : Thank you for asking this haha red is my favorite color for my photos, because it conveys a lot for me, intense emotions, energy, passion, attraction, and being a strong color it attracts a lot of attention in the photos.
PEM : How do you choose wardrobe and makeup elements to include the color red in your productions?
Melany : I like to use the color red in different elements, it could be in shades of makeup, the color of clothing, or even in the background or location or any extra elements.
PEM : What is your favorite production so far ?
Melany : My favorite production so far where I used the color red prominently was a photo shoot at a castle wearing a red silk dress. I really liked that production because the location, wardrobe, model, and weather were all perfect to get the photographs I wanted. To do that production, five of us traveled to a town called Arani which is about two hours from my city.
PEM : What is the question you wanted us to ask you that we haven’t yet and what is the answer?
Melany : The question is: “What kind of experience do you provide for your clients when they hire you for a photo shoot?” I aim to provide an amazing experience for my clients from start to finish. Most people who contact me for a photo shoot usually have no modeling experience or have never had photos taken before, which is why I always try to advise them at all times from the beginning, which would be choosing the main idea, the location, the wardrobe, the makeup, to the final result, which would be the photos obtained. The most fun moment is during the photo shoot, I like my clients to feel comfortable, secure and relaxed in order to obtain spontaneous and beautiful photos.

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