ēMBē : Please tell us a bit about yourself, what is your background ?
Cholë : My name is Chloë and my love for fairytales started when I was a little girl. I loved dressing up and feeling like someone else for a day. Besides that I really like photography, I have a passion for flowers. All this is now reflected in my photography. Beautiful dresses, accessories, flowers or a makeover by a real makeup artist? I make it a beautiful, dreamy world in my fantasy and of course a little help from photoshop! My education started with a flower stylist and then I continued studying for a professional photographer! Now I work for myself as a fantasy/dreamy portrait photographer and as a florist!
ēMBē : Where do you get your creative inspiration from?
Cholë : I have followed many workshops with photographers who inspired me. A few examples are: Marije Dijkema, Carola Mounthaan, Sascha van Manen. Thankyou ladies! For the change and the great time we had.
ēMBē : What makes a good picture stand out from the average?
Cholë : Oh dear, a good photo must radiate power, passion and feeling, but the most important thing is that your photo is a business card for your company, you must be able to distinguish yourself from the rest of the photographers out there in our little country. That’s the meaning for me of course..
ēMBē : If you could change one thing about the way to take a photo, what would it be?
Cholë : I’m easily bored, not in a bad way, but I have to find the challenge in every photo for myself. Sometimes this is good, but sometimes you want to take too perfect a photo at the expense of yourself. since the first photo you take was already a good one. So.. no more doubts from now on
ēMBē :What has been the greatest challenge when shooting a project?
Cholë : I have participated in projects before, I find organizing

my own shoots much more fun since you have everything in hand. If something goes wrong, you have to improvise yourself to challenge yourself for a good photo. And that’s the greatest challenge you ever have.
ēMBē : Do you want to speak about a special topic or project you might have ?
Cholë : Always, I did an exhibition myself with 11 self-portraits because 1 year ago we were also with the covid lockdown and I wasn’t allowed to work with other models. this was a great exercise to see yourself in a photo and to be really proud that your own project also shows yourself in a colorful rainbow full of flowers and fantasy photos. my two favorite works in one. Each photo also had its own name and

flower, I explained what the flowers meant and brought that back into my photography today I look back on a special learning path, and have seen myself grow so much in photography after a year of practice.

ēMBē : Where do you most enjoy taking pictures?

Cholë : Anywhere, But only if it is outside with beautiful sunlight and dreamy vibes. For the most beautiful fantasy pictures of course.

ēMBē : How much preparation do you put into taking a photograph/series of photographs?

Cholë : Quite a few hours, but I enjoy it so much that I don’t care how long it takes as long as my clients have the wow factor afterwards. Then I am the happiest person on earth, preparation takes some time, the wishes, the post-processing, the details, but especially the dress and accessory selection, I would like to help my customers with everything. It’s all or nothing!

ēMBē : Do you have any preferences regarding cameras and photo formats? Cholë : I had the Nikon D3400, great camera to start with now I recently bought the Nikon D500 and it has improved my life. Photo format, I always think 60×40 cm is very nice to hang on the wall. but I also prefer small photo books..

ēMBē : Can you talk a bit about your approach to the work?

Cholë : I wanted people to be themselves without being commented on. I decided to become a fantasy photographer where you could briefly escape ”the real world” to someone you can be for a day but actually my clients prefer to walk in such a beautiful dress all day, and so do I, whoops! I also want people to feel comfortable during and after shooting, I try to clear their nerves through talking and jokes ?

ēMBē : Where do you see your work evolving 5 years from now?

Cholë :I hope that my work can be viewed in a beautiful castle where I can hang my new exhibition or perhaps the tenth exhibition? I really like big dresses and beautiful details, so a castle would be perfect for this. these are dreams of course. My work by people on the wall is already quite something! I also hope that my work will be seen even more, and that it will lead to publications. So that one day I can live off my photography Photo Effect Magazine : Thanks you Chloe for your time and the response to all our questions

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